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I’ve won a scholarship! Now what?

Congratulations! Once we have contacted you notifying you that you’ve won, we have to (legally) ask you for identifying information. This includes:

  • A signed contract
  • Your “why statement” (for example, 3 or more sentences answering “Why this campaign/cause is important to me?”)
  • A form of personal identification (for further details, see below for the question “Why do I need to provide a form of personal identification/what if I do not feel comfortable sending these?”)
  • A photo of you (to fame you on our scholarship winners page and in our newsletter!)

In order to send your scholarship to your school, we need:

  • The mailing address (this may be different from their physical address), phone number, and email address for your school’s financial aid or bursar’s office 
  • Your student ID number

If you have not yet enrolled, no worries! Simply shoot us an email (by writing to our Scholarships Team at ) letting us know and be sure to include your high school graduation date on your contract OR if you are transferring schools or considering graduate school, your expected enrollment date. We’ll hang on to your funds until you’re ready to use them. A friendly reminder that you have until the age of 25 to use the award. For further details, see below for the question “I am not yet enrolled in college, transferring schools, or have graduated from college, what now?”

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