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Can I create a campaign and partner with you guys?


As a rule of thumb, we don’t share fundraising projects or external projects on our site. That said, we do have two ways you can share a campaign idea with our members. The first thing you should do is take a look through different types of campaigns and familiarize with the structure. You’ll notice that we don’t run campaigns that are strictly focused on awareness, but instead we like to give young people a specific action that allows them to make an impact on the issue. Once you’ve gotten acquainted with our campaigns,  you can figure out where your idea falls:

  1. Member Created Campaigns
    • has an opportunity for our members to come up with their own campaigns and then, if selected, work with the campaigns team to create their campaign and publish it on the site. Submit your idea here
  2. Partnership
    • When we partner with other organizations, we like to make sure the partnership is mutually beneficial and the partner’s mission is integral to the campaign on which we’re collaborating. For instance, for our Love Letters campaign, we partnered with Meals on Wheels Association of America to have our members send Valentine's Day cards to homebound older adults. Meals on Wheels handed out over 250,000 cards last year during their regular food deliveries. If you have an idea for partnership, head on over to our Partnership Form to submit your idea!

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