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What do you look for in a potential hire?


When we bring on a new staff member, we always consider these three things: 

  1. Can you hit a home run in 90 days? We move fast. ]We don’t really care how much experience you have (and we don’t require a college degree), but we do want the kind of person who can hit the ground running and make stuff happen.
  2. Are you going to be doing something amazing in four to six years? We want best-in-class people. Maybe you’ll still be with us in four years, or maybe you’ll be launching your own biodegradable sneaker line. That's cool. We just want people who are capable of amazing things.
  3. Do you genuinely believe ALL young people have the agency to create social change? At DoSomething we provide young people with the resources and guidance to make an impact in their communities, so we have to understand what makes them tick. We’re not saying you need to start off every day mastering the latest viral Tik Tok challenge, but a minor obsession with youth social and cultural movements goes a long way.


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